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July 24, 2015

In The Mood For

{strawberries and chocolate - the ultimate decadence for a birthday party}

I couldn’t have been more ready to dive into summer blissful days of calm, unworried, dolce fare niente at the beach and as closer those days approach the childlishly giddier I feel. My wardrobe as of late consists mainly of fresh dresses, breezy blouses and denim cut offs and I've been abusing of sunscreen on a daily basis, but instead of hitting the sales mahem, I've decided that I won't be spending [wasting] money on unnecessary things, but rather focus on making the most of what I already have and invest on books, great food and much needed house furniture instead. After all, mind over matter leads to better days and a happier life. Wish you a fantastic weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{soft make up with bold eyelined eyes for nights out}

{the amazing décor of this super feminine and cool dining room}

{teeny tiny beautiful gold jewelry - always}

{gifts for my friends nurseries that are so cute and delicate - at ZARA HOME}

{weekends' movies marathon favourite treat}

{an affectionate gift for a relative who is convalescing from a surgery}


  1. Esse gelado de caramelo salgado deve ser delicioso! Pena que cá não há! Já fiz gelado de caramelo várias vezes mas nunca fiz de caramelo salgado! Vai ser o meu próximo desafio! Ontem fiz um gelado de morango, o melhor gelado de morango que já comi! Até o meu marido que não gosta muito de gelado de morango diz que aquele está no top dos gelados favoritos! Beijinho

  2. tb ando em countdown para partir de férias, e já despachei as minhas idas aos saldos há algum tempo, com o continuar da tradição ridicula que sempre que vou aos saldos de Verão saio de lá com items para o próximo Outono Inverno, estilo calças de napa...

  3. I, too, have recently come yo that conclusion. And I am ever so much more creative, and feel at peace.